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Being consistent is impossible.

Tough? YES! Impossible, no.

We all know content is vital to a marketing strategy. Vital. But what is often unclear is how much content, what type of content, and when do we post the content. One aspect of marketing that is crystal clear…is that consistency with your content is key.

So, how do we fix this? Click here for more on how you can be consistent with your content.


You don’t have the time.

You do, but you should be spending time selling the honey, not making it. Both are important.

It’s a catch-22. We need the content to help us sell our product or service but we don’t have time to create or post or come up with yet another post idea in order to do the selling. Ugh…egg? chicken? Which to do first? Content of course. Click here to see how your content can help you sell!

Where do I start and how will it save me time?

By promoting the great content you already have. START HERE.

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starting with a blog post

Turn your written words into audio (a podcast episode), various forms of video for YouTube and/or social media, and lots of social media graphics.

Click here to get started.

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starting with a podcast

Podcasting is fantastic and growing in popularity. If you have raw audio I can clean it up, add your intro’s/outro’s and your music if you like as well as make wonderful nuggets of content. Or we can work from finished episodes too.

Click here to get started.

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starting with video

Video is the golden goose of social media and marketing right now. You can make so much content from certain kinds of video. Blog posts, podcast episodes, social media graphics etc. Like podcasting, video editing is available!

Click here to get started.

Worry more about creating remarkable content; worry less about being professional.
— Ann Handley